Movable Wall Servicing

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movable wall servicing

If you need movable wall servicing in Sydney, you have come to the right place. MWS provides a comprehensive range of movable wall servicing and repair services to maximise the usability of your movable partition. Our team of qualified technicians will keep your partitions safe and operational, while extending their life. Whether you need an annual service or a more comprehensive 3 or 5 year plan, we have the solution for your needs. Click here –

Regular Maintenance Is Essential To Keep Your Movable Wall System In Tip-top Condition

When you purchase an operable wall, you need to take care of it. Several movable parts need to be aligned, lubricated, and cleaned. Performing regular servicing will extend the lifetime of your wall and prevent costly repairs. When a technician visits your business, he or she will teach your staff how to service the movable walls properly and ensure that they perform at their peak capacity. In addition, regular servicing of your operable wall will prevent any unforeseen problems and give you full warranty coverage on your purchase.

It is easy to assume that a movable wall will run on its own, but it requires regular maintenance in order to remain in good working condition. Whether it is a sliding partition or concertina door, regular servicing will prevent costly solutions in the future. A specialist will check the panels and repair or replace them as necessary. The cost of replacement varies greatly, but regular maintenance is essential to keep your movable wall system in tip-top condition.


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