The Benefits of a Standing Desk

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A standing desk can provide several health benefits. One study found that 32% of participants reported less back pain after using a standing desk. Another study, conducted by the CDC, concluded that standing desks can reduce back and neck pain by 54%. It is not surprising, then, that a standing desk can contribute to a positive workplace environment, and lower stress levels. As a bonus, standing desks also reduce fatigue and stress.

A Standing Desk Can Increase Worker Productivity

In addition to the health benefits of standing desk can increase worker productivity. By encouraging a shift in workstation modes, a standing workstation promotes greater calorie burn and a more active lifestyle. Additionally, the standing mode of the workstation also engages leg, glute, and core muscles, which help boost energy levels and alertness. Furthermore, prolonged sitting has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and high blood sugar levels.

Despite its benefits, there are also several drawbacks. The extended use of sitting can lead to muscle aches and pains, which can contribute to chronic conditions. Additionally, prolonged standing can lead to painful knees, swollen feet, and stiffness. Many workplaces are incorporating standing desks into their culture, and some coworking spaces even install specially-designed floor mats in standing desk areas. Many of these mats encourage blood flow and leave an acupuncture effect on the feet. Additionally, some shared office spaces allow members to alternate sitting and standing desk areas for a while.


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