The Benefits of Hiring a Tree Service Company

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Tree Service ConnecticutTree Removal Service Connecticut companies have to be licensed and have a CT Licensed Arborist on staff to do any work in your yard. Connecticut is one of the few states that requires tree care companies to be licensed and carry insurance. Connecticut’s law is designed to protect homeowners and reputable tree companies from uninsured operators who lack the proper insurance, licenses, and equipment. A CT Licensed Arborist will be able to give you peace of mind, knowing they are knowledgeable about trees and how to safely cut them down.

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There are several benefits to hiring a Tree Service Connecticut company. They can be a cost-effective way to get a tree removed or pruned. Trees that have a defect or are dying can be prematurely split. Tree cable provides support to these weaker parts of the tree. Mulch can also help control weeds and reduce soil compaction. And unlike wood chips, mulch does not require replacing as often as wood chips. The experienced team at Green Valley Tree LLC has been in the business for over 36 years, and they know what they are doing.

In addition to being licensed, a Tree Service Connecticut company should have insurance. While a company may claim to be insured, most companies only carry insurance for work up to 15 feet above the ground. If a worker falls from a tree, homeowners could be held responsible. A professional tree service company will carry insurance specifically for tree work. That way, you won’t have to worry about being sued if a worker slips and falls.


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